This blog is for all of our friends and family who wish to follow the progress we are making on our new home.  We will try to include as many photos as possible.

Just this past Monday, November 14th, we officially went “under contract”.  We are building a home on a lot that includes woods and access to the Conodguinet Creek.  The Conodguinet Creek is a 104 mile long tributary of the Susquehana River.  The name is Native American and means “A Long Way with Many Bends”.  If you look at a map, this creek snakes its way through the area.  Phil has already begun the process of looking for a kayak or canoe on Craigslist.

Upcoming activities include a visit to the Kitchen Designer’s showroom on Monday.  Yes, he has been warned about me.  🙂

I said I wanted to include as many photos as possible, and so far we don’t have too many.  But here is a picture of Erin and Alec in front of the Creek.