I’m baaaack…..

You haven’t missed anything.  Things are not really moving along, yet.  We are scheduled to close on Monday January 23rd, but as is with everything– that could easily be delayed another few days.  We shall see.  Once we close they will break ground very quickly.  All the permits are in place and the builder is ready to go!

In the last couple of months, one of the things we have been working on is our kitchen plan.  It has been quite a saga.  After working with one Kitchen Designer (who was painfully slow and somewhat condescending) I finally went to another company to get a quote and see what he could do for us.  After talking to our builder and explaining that the first company was not a good fit for us, he said he would have the new cabinetmaker approved as a vendor.    Well, we are going to use Dutchwood out of Myerstown, PA.

We are thrilled with how our kitchen is going to turn out.  With the first cabinetmaker we were cutting out so much of our wish list to fit within our given budget that the kitchen was becoming very basic and lacking certain necessary things, like drawers!   The new cabinetmaker has so many things that are included in his base price that we are already ahead of the game.  I don’t have any samples of colors to show you, or anything pretty, but I can show you the 3D drawings that the cabinetmaker gave us.  This really is for layout purposes only and to give a rough idea of what we are doing.  We will be painting the perimeter in a white, and the island will be darker, either a dark stain, or possibly a dark paint.  The counters will be a light stone of some sort, not yet determined.  I have stone fabricators desperately searching for slabs and prices for us right now.

This is the view of the kitchen from the breakfast room:

And here is another view:

Hopefully, we will be breaking ground next week and I’ll be able to start posting updates more often.