Last Sunday our current house was shown for the unbelievable 77th time.  Seventy Seven.  Say it with me.  Seventy Seven.

Turns out that double 7s must be our lucky number.  On Monday we were presented with three competing offers.  Our dream.  Although, it would have been nicer if this dream happened when the first 3 people walked through the door.  We have  a settlement date scheduled for mid-March.  Of course this all is contingent on the new septic field being installed.  We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and the Chester County Health Department.  They have the final say if the ground is dry enough to install a new field.  Needless to say, I was NOT happy to see that snow yesterday.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for dry weather.

So where will we go while we are waiting for the house to be built? We have rented a townhouse near Mechanicsburg to live in until the house is completed.  If you are driving on the PA turnpike and you cross over the Susquehanna River, look left, that’s us–we can see the turnpike from the windows!   Honk the horn, I’ll put the coffee on, swing by.   It will take Phil about 20 minutes to get to work.  That’s about 20 times longer than his commute now.  The Residence Inn is right across the street from his office.

I guess the car will now actually warm up in the morning.

I believe they must have broken ground by now.  The crane is scheduled to arrive on February 15th to lower the Superior Walls in to place.  I think I need to get up there to video tape it for Phil, he will be out of town!  The builder has told me the place is going to be a war zone, there are 5 houses all at about the same stage on the same street.

We have been busy making all the final decisions on our appliances for the kitchen.  I’ve been searching for the best prices for each and every one of them.  Phil is in charge of figuring out who will do the whole house wiring for entertainment, security, etc.  And also figuring out which whole house vacuum system is best for us.   Phil is still searching for a canoe  kayak.   So if you know of one for sale, please let us know.

I’ve also been working on the bathroom design.  Thanks to Mary Elizabeth at Mission Stone and Tile we are going to have an awesome bathroom! Here is a peek at the tile panel we are doing in the shower:

And Finally…..

I found it interesting that it was the 77th (two seven) person who ended up with the winning offer on the house.  That was on 2/6.  The next day was 2/7.  Yes, two seven, just like double 7s…..what would that day bring?

How about a job offer for Erin?

Congratulations to Erin!

She has been offered a position with Johnson & Johnson.

Another one leaves the nest….