Just a quick update.  We’ve been busy on both sides of this whole adventure.  The movers are coming on Friday March 9th to start packing.  I’m frantically going around with sticky notes putting “T”s on things that go to the temporary place, “S” on the storage stuff.

Our backyard looks like we are installing a pool that you would find at a resort, you know, the kind with the lazy rivers, slides, waterfalls, etc.

But no, we are in the middle of the septic field installation.  Not quite so glamorous.  I left yesterday afternoon while they were spraying gravel into the giant hole from a truck.  When I came home tonight, I peeked out into the yard.  There is even more heavy equipment parked back there.  I’m afraid what daylight will reveal to me.  We just need to get it finished and get the Health Department to say “Done”.

This one is from the upstairs window, I was spying…

And here’s when the gravel truck was out there.  I was wondering if the guy in the hole became buried by the shooting gravel if we would be responsible.  Probably.

Onto the new house’s progress:

Last time I posted the foundation walls were up.

Phil and I went out to see what progress was made over the past week. The framing has begun.  The basement was completely framed in.

We hopped over the foundation wall, into the “garage”, up a plank and on to platform to check out the views.  We went into what will be the breakfast room.  We could not have been more excited.  Perfect views of the creek, gorgeous sunset.

Before I left to return home today I did a drive-by.  There were 6 men working very quickly on the framing.   Phil will go out there later this week and snap some more photos of the progress.

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