My last post ended with me stopping by the house on Tuesday morning.  Remember I said the men were “running” on the first floor decking getting ready to start the framing?

Today, Phil & I stopped by the house.  I think they have been very busy.  Perhaps they are all given extra caffeinated coffee in the morning?  And all day long?

I’m just not sure.

So, I’ll just post the photos I took today.  Only one small glitch, the kitchen window is not placed in the right location, it’s off by 5″, but they say it’s not a problem to move.  I’m taking that opportunity to make it bigger, if possible.

From the street

From the driveway

Other Side

Back of House.  This was a bit shocking to us.  I don’t think we thought it would look “this big”. The bump out is the breakfast room, and over top is the sitting room off our bedroom.  Behind the basement wall of the bump out will be Phil’s “shed”.  It will have double steel doors, so he can keep the tractor and other equipment in there.

From the Front Door (there are no stairs in yet)

Heading down that hallway to the left, we will look in the “living room”

Here’s the view from the sliders in the Living Room

Turning to the Right, You can see the kitchen

and the breakfast room is to the left

Turning around and looking from the kitchen back towards the living room, you can see the family room.  The fireplace is a see through one so we can enjoy it in both rooms.

I wish I could show you photos of the upstairs, but we couldn’t get up there.  But it is mostly framed, we could see it from the foyer and the garage.

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