Hi Everybody.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted.  Lots of progress but nothing really looked much different.

They have been busy installing siding on the outside of the house, the color is “Slate”.  I wanted a darker color, but was afraid of the fading from sun that I have heard about.

The HVAC has been roughed in, there is a heater in the basement.  We’ve moved a couple of heating registers that weren’t thought out, such as right on the floor where you step when you walk in the mudroom.  Really?  Who thought that was a good idea?

As Phil was giving a tour to a friend, he was pointing at the shower in our bathroom, explaining the rain shower head and the………and the………. “wait, where is it?  There should be a regular shower head here”  Whoops.  Plumber came back and had to rework the shower.  Somehow that was missed.  I’m not surprised, since the detail that the sconces in the bathroom are to be mounted on the mirror, was listed under “shelving”. Whoops, they missed that too. Good thing we are obsessed with looking at the house every day.  One soon-to-be neighbor was surprised we look at this stuff.  She said they “just ordered a house and they are building it for us”….yikes.

Inside the electricians have completed their rough in.  There were only a couple of hiccups, but all were resolved.  Although I’m still convinced that there should be one more recessed light in the kitchen.  The electrician begs to differ.

We did go in the house one night after everyone left and Phil moved the placement of some of the recessed lights in the upstairs hallway.    They are much better now!

We had the house wired for sound and security by a local company.  We will even have music on the porch to enjoy while sitting in out there.  This is a picture showing the speakers and the recessed lights. (They are in a straight row, the photo makes them look crooked).

This week the dry wall crew has been busy in the house.  What a difference walls make to the look of a house.  Even if they are not complete walls!

Here are some pictures, they aren’t done yet, but this is the state of chaos we found when we stopped by this weekend.

Standing in the family room looking back towards the kitchen

Breakfast Room

The not-so-see-through fireplace

Behind that fireplace…

Dining Room

From the Front Door, I love that you can see out the sliders and see that view.

And to the upstairs:

Looking Down the back stairs, at the bottom is the Butler’s Pantry.

I will post pictures of the upstairs next time.  But before I finish, I would like to share some of the gifts we found from the dry wall crew.

Yesterday’s Breakfast:

Yesterday’s Lunch

And how they cooked Yesterday’s Dinner:

Have a great week everybody.