As exciting as all that construction stuff is, my heart belongs to the decorating and design side of things.  So, I thought it was time to show you some of the things we have chosen for the house.  I’ve decided to start with the master bathroom.

Here’s where the room is now.  That is the window where the tub will be placed.  That little door is the linen closet.   The vanity will be on the wall on the right side of the photo.  You can just barely see the water supply for the far sink in the picture.

Without a doubt, the tub will be the star of the room.   We will have it placed under that window.  It’s called the Mammoth.  And it is!  The plumbers brought it in one day to fit it for its plumbing.  And then they took it out so the drywall crew wouldn’t ruin it.  Good Call.

We won’t be using a faucet like the one seen above, but rather this is the one we will use, a bit more modern.  You can see it is roughed in in the corner under the window in the first photo:

I’m on the hunt for a small chandelier for over the tub.  Might not install it until after we  either move in or at least until the final electrical inspection is done.  Sounds like inspectors are not fond of having electricity over the tub.  The are hoping the surface light they install will just slide by.

On the wall opposite the window is the shower.  Need to make the most of that view. Here’s the shower as of today:

The shower will be five feet wide with a feature panel on the back wall.  The tile in the shower will be a simple white gloss 8×10 field tile.  But the 3×4 panel will be a marble mosaic.  Many of you will remember the marble mosaic interlocking rings on our old laundry room floor.  This one is a trellis pattern:

Of course I will need curtains for this room, and I really think that these are a very strong contender.

The floor will be 18×18 tiles on the diamond pattern.  This is the tile.

And then there is the vanity.  Here’s the wall where it will go:

I don’t have any pictures of it.  Ever since we decided not to use the builder’s cabinet guy for my kitchen we have not been in communication.  He is still providing the vanities.  It will be an espresso finish.  Behind the vanity will be a solid mirror that reaches the ceiling, with 3 sconces mounted on the mirror, one in the middle and one on each end.  Here’s an example, but with a single sink and only 2 sconces:

And here are the sconces (same as pictured above)

Finally, time for another picture of the view.  Are you tired of seeing these yet?  Sorry.

Here’s a sunset from the window over the tub