I guess it’s time for an update!

This builder runs the tightest ship, when it comes to timelines, that we have ever seen. It’s a little “too tight” for me, actually.  I need a few minutes to digest some stuff and make decisions  before the next step.  Case in point, the trim finished on Tuesday, and painting was scheduled to be started on Wednesday.  I’d like to see the trim to decide on what paint goes where.  It certainly is pushing me to make decisions on stuff like that quickly and move on.

To our surprise, well, actually nothing surprises us anymore, they ordered solid double doors for two rooms rather than the glass French doors that we were expecting.  They are being corrected.  But alas, not only did they order the wrong doors for the study, they installed them backwards, they are supposed to open into the foyer, not into the study.

Without further ado, let’s get to the photos.  We’ll start at the front door, as if you are visiting.

To the right is the dining room:

The “Living Room”, loving that coffered ceiling!

Close up of the ceiling:

Looking from the Living Room towards the breakfast room and kitchen, through the family room.  That little sliver of a door on the right is the mudroom.

This is the view straight back to the mudroom.  The little nook to the right is the butler’s pantry.  The dining room is to the right of that.

Turning around, the coat closet and the powder room.  What amazes me, is how exciting unpainted doors without handles can be.

Standing in the breakfast room, looking towards the family room:

The breakfast room and its view.

Heading Upstairs

This shows both sets of stairs.  Without any handrails.  Looking forward to those.

Jack & Jill bath between 2 rooms

Other 2 bedrooms:

hall between them, door with light is the other bedroom and the door on the left is the bathroom

Here’s that bedroom you can see in the photo above

And the master bedroom from the door

sitting room

Looking back towards the door, the hall to the closet and bathroom is the right, behind that wire sticking out of the wall.

Today I met with the painter and made final decision on the paint colors for the walls, trim, and ceiling.  He has placed the order, so I have to let it go and not think about it.  He said they will have a full crew in the house both days this weekend to knock it out.

Here’s hoping you are having an enjoyable week. As always, please feel free to leave us a comment if you like.