We’ve all heard the saying “watching the paint dry”.  Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this past week.

I’m thinking it would be more exciting to watch the dishtowels dry.  Especially in Venice.

So, what have we been doing while the painters are in the house?  Last Friday, the tile for the bathroom floor, decorative panel in the shower and the laundry room floor arrived.  We were responsible for providing these materials as well as for getting them to the house.  Unfortunately, Fed Ex could only get them to about 100′ feet of the garage.  I carried 1500 pounds of tile, box by heavy box to the garage.  Phil was at work and I didn’t want it sitting out there all alone until he got there.  Here’s a photo of the crate it came in, sitting way out there:

On Saturday we made a pilgrimage out to the cabinetmaker’s shop to visit with our cabinets.  They were not painted yet, but they were everywhere in his shop.  Snapped some photos.  Here is Phil with one of the posts for the island.  I think he’s in love:

Here are some of the drawers, piled up ready for the spray boooth:

The bench in this photo isn’t ours, but if you look behind it, those are our cabinets!  See the really tall one? It is almost 9′ tall. That is the double oven cabinet, there is vertical storage above the oven and horizontal storage above that.  This cabinet made me start laughing…it is so tall.  I’m not exactly sure what will ever be stored horizontally up there…certainly not placemats!

Upcoming events this week include tile installation starts upstairs, the rocks on the fireplace are being installed and the hardwood floors are scheduled to be installed too!

Back to watching the paint, as soon as it’s dry, we’ll be on our way…