Once the paint finally dried, the hardwood installation was scheduled to commence.  It had been a couple of days and no one was showing up, they were given four days to get about a days worth of work completed. So, last Friday  I wasn’t going to stop by the house in the afternoon, I kept thinking, “Why drive there and just be disappointed that nothing is happening” but my inner voice kept telling me to go.   In fact, I took a long route to get there.  I kept thinking that Phil and I would go over after dinner, as usual, why should I go twice, nobody was probably there.

But I went.

I pulled up to the house, and surprise….a van was there.  I had no idea what trade was in the house.  Then I walked in the door.

Hardwood Floors!!!

They were beautiful, nice dark chocolate brown.  But wait, this is not the floor we ordered.  This floor is 2 1/4″ wide, and we ordered 3 1/4″ wide planks.   None of the installers spoke English, and by this point in the project I have learned, don’t even bring up problems with the sub-contractors.  Search for the Site Supervisor.  How handy…he was next door.

I marched over, he saw the expression on my face.  He asked me what was wrong and I told him the bad news.  Progress on the hardwood floors was halted immediately. This issue shot straight to the top at the builder’s office. Our realtor, who was called in to help calm us down, told us we must really “rate” because calls were being made to the Vice-President, who was on vacation in Florida.  Somewhere along the ordering process the wrong floor was ordered and the flooring company was blamed.  We decided we could live with this floor IF we were properly compensated.  We asked for them to do hardwood flooring in two additional rooms downstairs (the study and living room) as well as the upstairs hallway.  After a very long weekend, our request was granted.

Fast forward one week to today.  We left the installers at the house tonight– they were busily installing the extra hardwood, while ruining as much of the paint as they could on the walls.  I’m still not sure how they make marks on the walls at the 5′ mark.

This is the photo of the kitchen this morning.  The floors are so dirty.  I even swept them last night.

Here is the dining room, you can see the floors

Here is the coffered ceiling detail.  This is becoming our favorite room…

Today was also a very exciting day for us…the Kitchen cabinets arrived.  Installation began.  I could give you a sneak peek, but I will save that for my next post on Monday.   So, until then, some of the shavings from scribing the cabinets so they fit perfectly will have to do.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember to listen to your inner voice.  I always say it, but please, feel free to leave a comment if you like.