Good Sunday Morning everyone.

The house is moving right along.  All of the hardwood has been installed, and quite frankly that flooring mistake I told you about in the last post….was one of the best things to happen to this house.  Here are some pictures of the floor in the living room and the hallway.

The installation of the kitchen began on Friday morning.  They were supposed to return tomorrow (Monday) for day 2.  However, at about 7:45 am on Saturday I received a call from one of the installers.  They would be at the house in 15 minutes.

After 7 hours of work on Saturday, they had much of the job completed.  Some pieces were returned to the shop for an additional coat of lacquer, a couple of glass doors were missing their glass.  “Dad cut the glass but forgot to put it in”.   The island appears to be  a blue-gray in the picture.  It is the exact color of the veining in the stone, and perimeter cabinets are a very light shade of gray, almost white.  This color matches the background of the stone we are using.

Ignore the odd piece of wood connecting the legs.  They cut the piece too short when they were installing the apron on the island.  They put this one there to brace it for now and to be used during the scribing of the countertops on Tuesday.

The butler’s pantry.  It’s not 3′ tall.  I’m standing on a step to get a better view.

And the biggest “oops” of the installation was discovered right as the guys were getting in the truck to leave.  I was looking at the cabinets and I noticed something…See it?

Yep, the three doors to the right of the corner are not right.  They should look like the doors to the left of the corner.    I ran out and grabbed the installer before he got into the truck.  He came in and just smiled and said they would make the right ones and bring them back.

There should be a lot of progress this week on the house.  I believe the hvac and electricians will be back.  The counters are being scribed on Tuesday.  The bathroom vanities will be arriving (we used  stock cabinets from the original cabinet company for those), mirrors and shelving are all scheduled too!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!