Hello Everyone!  I wish I had some fabulous photos to show you of the house.  You know the ones…the counters installed, the railings on the steps finished, the stone on the fireplace, the stone on the outside of the house.

But I don’t.

The counters are taking a little longer to be installed since they are sending four men to do the job, it was difficult to schedule this many people.

The spindles ran out for the railings, well they ran out of the shorter ones and the new ones should be at the house “any day now”.

Waiting for the stone guys to get the fireplace started.  I was told that they would be there the next rainy day.  It’s been raining for a few days here….no stone.

And the outside of the house looks exactly like it did in March.  There are no rocks on the front.  Found out why…the stone company didn’t know I approved the sample board.   I guess someone forgot to call them.

Does anyone else find it funny that the lady who cleans the houses before the walk throughs came in today to see the progress because she is scheduled to clean next week.  I think I laughed.  Hard.

Today I went by the house to see the vanities for the bathrooms, they were arriving today.  They are two weeks late.  Someone at the cabinet company forgot to order them.  Every time something like this happens I’m really glad we didn’t use them for our kitchen.  I was very excited to finally see the vanities, probably more interested in making sure that they didn’t mess up the installation.  I ran upstairs and then I blurted it out: “Uh oh”.  They sent the wrong ones.  They are the right color and door style, but they are wrong.  I will not be making concessions on these.  I want what we ordered. It was important.  We wanted offset bowls so that there would be counter space, vs centered bowls with a little bit of room on each side.  I’ve sent the drawings over to the builder so he can figure out the issue.

The most exciting bit of news this past week was going to Erin’s graduation from Penn State.  We are such proud parents.  Erin has earned two degrees.  BS in Bio Engineering and a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  She graduated with honors.

Penn State has received so much negative publicity in the last few months.  No mention of the scandal was made at this ceremony, which was appropriate.  But when the students put their arms around each other at the end of the ceremony, and sang the Alma Mater while swaying back and forth, they showed their solidarity as well as their love of a great university.  This is what Penn State Proud is.

Congratulations Erin. We could not be more proud of you.

Erin will be starting a job with Johnson & Johnson in July.

  If you wish to leave Erin a message here, please feel free, she does check in to see the progress of the house.  Hopefully, I can post again soon with lots of new and exciting house updates.  Otherwise there will just be photos of Ryan moving out of the dorm as he completes his 2nd year of college.