Friday night I received an email from someone saying they saw the old kitchen in a magazine.  I was waiting to receive my “advanced” copy, but hadn’t received it yet.  I was surprised to hear it was out on the news stands before May 15th.  That was the  display-until-date listed on Better Homes & Gardens Real Life Kitchens & Baths Spring 2012 issue.  Saturday morning Phil and I hustled over to the Barnes & Noble to look for it.

There it was, the Summer 2012 issue.  We didn’t make the cover.  The editor wanted it for the cover but the dark island wasn’t “summery enough” for this issue.   I’ll just post photos of the magazine for you to see.  These are taken with my camera, they are not an electronic version.  I’m not sure where the copyright laws come into play here and if I’m making errors by posting them.   I am not comfortable posting the digital images that the photographer sent me after the shoot.

Just a little about that day back in September.  I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Broten, “stylist extraordinaire” and the very talented Tria Giovan, if you’d like to see her work I encourage you to look at her webpage, (click on her name –>) Tria Giovan.  Bonnie arrived the night before the shoot, I picked her up at the airport and we did some serious shopping for accessories.  Lots of pretty food, flowers, and other things you will see in the photos.  I had told her I had a lot of “props”, but she wanted to make sure we were covered for the next day.  She was pleasantly surprised to see my supply of accessories for the shoot.  Early the next morning, Tria and her assistant arrived from New York.  The work began.  A lot of time was spent on taking what they call “cover trys”, photos of the whole room, with a big  shot of the ceiling, so the title of the magazine can go there.  Who knew?  They then would electronically send those images to the art director in Iowa, she would tell them how to tweak the photo’s shot and the process was repeated.    After they were done with this part of the process, they moved on to the other photos.  I think it is safe to say each photo took over an hour to set up, get the light right, etc.  The day ended around 3:30, only because Bonnie had a flight to catch.  I think they would have stayed even longer but they wrapped it up about 30 minutes after she left.

Here are photos of the magazine.

Some behind the scenes photos.  That’s Tria sitting on the counter looking through the lens.  This is the set up for the shot of the fridge.  I had just walked back in with lunch…..she had just sat down there–she was WALKING on the counters when I came through the door.  That nearly stopped my heart.   Maybe this is why they sent me out of the house to get lunch?

Every photo is critically analyzed on the computer for lighting and composition.  They might move a piece of fruit a 1/2″ in order to make it look right.  Or aim a flower a certain way.  It was quite fascinating to see the whole process.  That’s Bonnie on the left.

Update on the new house….tomorrow the counters are being installed.  I will have a lot of pictures.  I’m sure I will not have any finger nails left after I bite them all off while watching them get the monster sized piece of stone into our house for that island.

The custom closet was installed on Saturday.  We are thrilled with the outcome.  I will post some photos just as soon as I figure out how to take good ones in a dark room that has no lights.  The flash really isn’t an option.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.