Well, it seems as if nothing is 100% complete.  They started to do the stone on the outside of the house.  So, I was waiting for them to finish that before posting.  They ran out.  They need 3 rocks.  Three.  Can’t they just scour around the lot and find 3 rocks? I didn’t even take any photos of it at this point.  Here is a picture from day one of the installation.

I will snap some more photos soon.  There are piers on the porch that are rock which will hold up the posts.

Last Friday night I got a little worried.  I looked at our selection sheet to see the color of the Flexlite (a synthetic stucco product) that was chosen back in December, before we picked out our rocks.  It’s called Shadow.  Sounds like a light gray that will work nicely with the siding and the rock.  Uh oh….it’s a yellowish cream online.  Emails with builder over weekend.  He reassured he would check on making sure it all looks good.  Come Monday, I called the manufacturer–they confirmed it is NOT a gray.  They are sending out sample boards.  Wonder if they will ever get here before the stuff goes on the house?  Every day I go to the post office and patiently wait in a painfully long line with a lot of angry people who are not happy that the USPS has cut the hours of their workers so that there is only one person working behind the counter.  This is a BIG post office–there are about 7 places for people to be working. But I digress…(“write your Congressman”, they say)

The big news this week at the house is ELECTRICITY!!!  We have it!  We have lights! We have fans!  So very exciting.  (We have appliances too, see them in the picture?)

Does that foyer light look familiar?  Same one we had in last house.  I can’t explain the warm and fuzzy feeling I had seeing it hanging in this house now.  It really made it seem like home.

And yes, you are right, there is carpet.

Do you want to see the closet?  Dutch Wood built this for us.  It is the same color as our butler’s pantry downstairs.  Of course, as with everything, it’s not finished yet.  But I was so excited to see this room when the lights came on.  Ignore the lights.  They are short timers.  We plan on doing some sort of hanging light over the island and recessed lights around the rest of the room and eliminating all of the surface lights you see in the photo.

The panels you see above the closet are actually lift up doors.  (Can’t use the left one because of the darn light).

There will be another pants rack in the left cabinet.  They also need to lower them.  Not sure how long they think pants are when folded in half, but I suppose if you are 10 feet tall, then you need them this high.  And finally, the shoe shelves:

Although many of you know, that certainly will not cut it for all my shoes. But there are plenty of other shelves in there.  Wow, along with light comes the need for some dusting! Yikes, there is a lot of sawdust in there!

And yes, the walls and ceiling are a pale pink.

We are trying to get a settlement date out of the builder.  Haven’t heard from them. The owner of the company came by for a tour on Monday.  Even he asked me when we were scheduled to be done.  I chuckled and told him nobody will tell us.

Some things still to be done (at least things I can think of)

Finish exterior of house

Fireplace does not have any stone on it

Plumbing Fixtures (including the tub)

Set Up Fireplace Logs

Finish grouting tile in bathroom

Replace the vanities with correct ones (which were delivered in under 2 weeks)

Install shower door

Install mirror and hook up lights that go on the mirror

Lots of paint touch ups

Hang up the doors

Where are those glass French Doors they ordered months ago?

Kitchen cabinetry finish and Closet finish

Driveway (came so close to getting this on Monday, but then it rained and they left)



And of course, install the giant 87 lb vent hood that just becomes more difficult every day they procrastinate.  Now there are counters, and a range they have to work around.

Keep your fingers crossed that something gets crossed off this list before long.

Take care everyone and stay in touch!