June 15th.

The day has been set for settlement.

That’s 12 days from now.  If they work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we are looking at only 288 hours.  But, this is really 10 business days, and not a minute over 8 hours a day.  80 hours.

I’m putting all my faith into the builder that they will finish on time.  After all, I only paid rent on the townhouse until June 17th.  And we have the movers scheduled on June 18th to deliver all of our stuff from storage.

So, what’s been going on?  Not a whole lot.  My tile guy, no, their tile guy is AWOL.  Last  I saw him was on May 15th.  All he needs to do is grout the mosaic in the shower. That’s it.  He finally returned a phone call last Tuesday.  He was sick, but he swore he’d be there on Wednesday.  The grout is still in the box outside waiting.

The vanities were all replaced with ones that are the right configuration.  Unfortunately the counters had to be reconfigured as well.  They did that.  They didn’t use the same counters as we had originally picked out.  I’m not sure what is happening about that.

After waiting in line at that Post Office a couple of more days in a row looking for my samples of the flexilite, I finally received a post card indicating that UPS could not deliver my package and they were holding it at the local UPS distribution center.  Ohhhh, UPS, not US Mail.  I guess what they consider “mail” and what I consider “mail” are two different things.  I’m not going back to the Post Office any time soon.  The situation there didn’t get much better.  Did I mention that the worker there told me I wasn’t allowed to come get my mail every day?  Anyway, we picked the color for the flexlite (Thank goodness the original color didn’t get put on the house.  How did I actually trust someone else’s opinion about something so important?  Never again.)

Here is the outside of the house.  All the rock is done.  None of the men who put the rock on the house speak English.  I like to pretend they do though. I ask if they will be doing the rock inside soon, of course they say “yes”.  I ask if they have enough rock to do the entire outside of the house, again “yes”.  And so on.

The painter, who is using a Q-tip I believe to do touch ups, left a ladder behind so I took advantage and took some pictures of the kitchen.  The cabinetmaker came back yesterday to do what should have been the final trip.  Couple of issues (not enough knobs and a rollout was damaged) so he will be back yet again!

We still have not had the range hood installed.  I think the builder is waiting for it to be the most difficult task it can be before he does install it.  Well, we are there.

Where’s the dishwasher(s) in that photo above?  Oh, here they are, hidden!

That is the steamer oven.  At the end of the island is the speed oven.

Trash Cans Disguised as drawers:

Vertical Storage and Horizontal Storage over Ovens

Over the fridge we had the cabinetmaker make us a horizontal cabinet that is independent of the cabinet above it.  The reasoning behind this is that Sub-Zero doesn’t make this size fridge any more.  If it were to be replaced, it would be taller.  We can remove that cabinet and slip the new one in.  This better not ever happen, of course.

Here are the freezer drawers

Moving around the house….

The Butler’s Pantry:

Across from the butler’s pantry is the back stair case, that is a smoke detector with a protective cover on it.  Can you imagine if it was really red?

To the left of the butler’s pantry, you can see the mudroom and the walk in pantry behind it.  (Also known as the “Costco Closet”)

The master closet is done!  Something in the house is Done. Hard to believe.

For Laundry

Corner Shelves

So, we shall see what this week brings.  Hopefully a plumber with the fixtures.  (What if my tub doesn’t fit through the door?)  A painter with a paint brush and roller, instead of the artist brush he must be using to get the touch ups done.  Oh, let’s not forget someone to put the rocks up on the fireplace. And of course the team that is needed to install the 90 pound vent hood above the range and counters.  I think Phil will be on-site that day.

Our job supervisor said that he had 9 house settle in the last 2 weeks and that has been taking a lot of time.  Our house and one other on the street are scheduled to settle within the next 2 weeks and we will be getting his full attention.  I sure hope so. Maybe he can make the tile guy come back.

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