Good Monday Morning Everybody.

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According to everyone in the builder’s office we are still taking possession of the house on Friday.  Today is Monday.  Let’s just post pictures from yesterday to sum it all up.

Can you tell we are doubtful?  However, we will be homeless if they fail.

We do have a driveway.

Still no flexlite, but there is scaffolding and the house has been prepped.  Until that scaffolding comes down, they cannot grade the yard.  They cannot even grade the yard until the drainage pits are dug in the back yard.  That was on the schedule for last Friday.

We have one, yes 1, doorknob.  How does a worker get distracted that he could install one doorknob last Thursday and then, poof, disappear?  Still trying to figure this out.

Love the plumber.  He installed all the fixtures!  This morning he is coming to turn the water on and test them. Cross your fingers.

Still no rock on the fireplace.

Remember all the wrong vanities that were replaced?  They are going next door.  Not exactly sure when.

And they are scattered in other rooms as well….

Oh, and there is the fabulous vent hood incident. You may recall we had to have it there back in April so it was ready. Well, they have started to install it on Thursday and without going into too many details, he ran into a little trouble.  And didn’t come back on Friday.  The job site supervisor is away last Friday and today.  I’m pretty sure he hasn’t taken a day off for a year, but the week before our house is supposed to be done….he’s gone.  So this is our kitchen vent hood.

Wait, can you see it?

If you haven’t gone and entered for that faucet, do so right away!  Good Luck!!

Keep your fingers crossed for a very productive week ahead.