Happy Wednesday Everyone.

I know you all want the week to be over and for it to be Friday already.  I, on the other hand, cannot make time go slow enough this week.

The cleaning crew finished cleaning the house yesterday.  Sort of funny since the jack-of-all-trades from the builder was patching drywall late in the day. That usually generates lots of drywall dust…

Monday was frustrating.   The man who was working on the vent hood has off on Mondays.  Seriously?  So when he returned yesterday to start on doorknobs, I asked what the status on the unfinished hood was.  He admitted it was a little out of his comfort zone and he didn’t know what to do.  The job supervisor, who took Friday and Monday off, wasn’t available yesterday to help answer any questions since he was doing “walk throughs”.  So, that is the status on that.

Fireplace rock finally showed up!

It’s wrong.

It needs to be corrected. That’s all there is to it.

Yesterday was a big rain day. So absolutely nothing outside happened.  The bags of the flexlite mix that were covered with a tarp ended up getting soaked because the tarp blew off of them.  Not sure what type of person thinks setting up their supplies five days before using them is a good idea.  Especially outdoors.  Not sure why the bags of the cement product were not stored in the dry garage….

There is a HUGE drain pit in the back yard.  It is the size of a swimming pool.  It must be 10-12 feet deep.  They will fill it with rocks and then back fill it.  The landscaper feels they get a bit carried away with this item.  As soon as it is filled, the yard can be graded, and hopefully the landscaper can get in and seed for us.  Of course the ding-dongs doing the flexlite have all their scaffolding in the front of the house.  If there is a delay due to their pure stupid decision to leave their materials outside I’m going to flip.  Someone needs to get in their truck and drive to the place and pick up the materials, not wait for a shipment.

And you thought the Post Office made me a little cranky.

I couldn’t bring myself to snap any photos yesterday.  So here are some pictures from a place called Hawk Mountain.  Phil and I went there a few Sundays ago.  It’s at the top a ridge that divides two counties.  It is about 20 minutes from the new house.

I’ve been packing up the townhouse.  I will continue to pack with the expectation that we will take possession of the house on Friday.  I am trying to stay positive.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I post some really great news with lots of fabulous photos.