Well, hello everyone.  So many of you have sent us emails, texts, or contacted Phil on Facebook this past week wanting to know…..

Are we in or not….

Not yet.  But we will get the keys on Friday, for sure.  We have our Certificate of Occupancy.  Tomorrow I will do the walk-through with the Foreman. Phil is in Atlanta so it is up to me to find as many things for them to fix as possible.

This past weekend I sent a note to the Foreman asking him if he thought we would be able to have our scheduled movers proceed with delivering our household goods today.  He came back with a “no”.  So, on Monday I called the move coordinator (I had sent an email over the weekend but hadn’t heard anything) and lo and behold—  Our stuff was already loaded into the van waiting to go.  Yikes. How expensive is this going to be, we are wondering.  They needed to unload the truck and put everything back into storage. I haven’t received a new date yet.  It could be up to a 3 week wait.

The inspector was coming to the house on Monday at 11 am.  We happened to drive by at 10:55, it was crazy on our front lawn.  There were guys running with scaffolding who just finished the flexlite trying to get out of there, the builder’s handyman was working on the posts.  (They didnt’ send enough trim, so of course, they are not complete).  The garage was being emptied quickly of all the miscellaneous junk that they had been storing in there.  It would have been nice to have some of this action about a month ago, that’s for sure.

We passed the inspection, with only the contingency that they install an extra vent in the basement.  But we did receive our CO that allowed us to put stuff in the garage. The reinspection was today, and since I have not heard otherwise, I guess we are good.

Before Phil left, we took the convertible over to the house and parked it in the garage.

So, here is how the house is right now.  Shutters are not on yet, there is some sort of trim missing from above the windows and the trim is missing from the columns on the right.  The lawn will be final graded and seeded tomorrow.  No shrubs going in yet, it is supposed to be 98 degrees (F) here tomorrow so they don’t want to put them in the ground yet.

Let’s hope I will have some “pretty” pictures soon.

Thanks for all the well wishes.

Cross your fingers for a calm couple of days.


PS–Did any of you win that faucet????  Not even sure if she picked a winner yet