Who else would be so excited to see shutters besides me?

I really need to pay attention to the way I hold the camera.  Every photo is tilted.


Just tilt your head to the right as you look at the pictures. That should fix it.

When I left today, they were doing the final grade and going to plant the grass seed. It was too hot to plant the shrubs and trees.

The fireplace logs were being set up.

The master bath mirror was being hung.

The shower door was in the truck.

Can’t wait to go back tomorrow morning and check it all out!

Here’s a shot of the kitchen from today.  The range hood is all in place.  I don’t believe anyone was hurt during the installation.  Which is surprising because I’m pretty sure Phil was out for blood at one point….when he found the broken knob and the connectors laying on the counter.  And the words “My Guess” written next to a possible combination for the way the wires should be connected.

More tomorrow!

…and I’ll try to keep the camera straight.