Sorry for the delay with the news.

We now have the keys to the house!

There is still a punch-list for the builder to complete, but we cannot be happier to be out of the temporary house and into our new home.

The movers came on Monday, and surprisingly only took 6 hours to unload the truck.

As they brought in boxes, I worked to get as many of the kitchen boxes unpacked so we could send them back with them.  By the time they were done, I only had 2 boxes in the kitchen left.  Although, I’m missing some things, so I suspect there is a box in the basement that should be up here.

But, for the most part the kitchen is unpacked.

Missing the gardens….

Erin is here (on & off) for a few weeks before starting her job in mid July.  That’s her relaxing with her Nook on the couch.  And Millie is there too.  Millie is very happy to be reunited with what she believes is her couch.  Notice my attempt to hide the fireplace.  Still haven’t heard if the builder will remove it for us or not.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a very wild housewarming party here…bring your sledge hammer, wrecking bar, or even just a hammer.  I know you can’t tell how bad it is, thanks to my disguising it, but trust us, it’s bad.

This room will be done with creams, oranges and turquoise colors.

All around are boxes, pictures leaning on walls waiting for a decision.  The desk is in the middle of the study.  The electronics need to be hooked up so we can put it in place.

Upstairs there are lots of boxes everywhere.

The Master Bedroom. So happy to be reunited with our mattress!

Master Closet, with clothes!

The Master Bathroom, just ordered the curtains last night.

We hope you are doing well.  Thanks for joining us on this amazing journey.

This is not the end of the blog.  We have lots to do here still.  So, stay tuned to follow along as we unpack, work on the exterior (deck, patio, Phil’s pizza oven, the creek access and dock, and so on).    Phil is going kayak shopping next week.  I think it’s time to make that dream a reality.