Hello everyone.  We have been in the house now for three weeks.  Time is flying by!

We’ve been busily unpacking.  Last weekend we had a full house, all the bedrooms were full, and we even pulled out an air mattress! The girls bought inner tubes and floated around the peninsula. They started in our backyard and went all the way around the neighborhood.  They said it took them about 2 hours to float all the way.

Phil finally pulled the trigger and brought home his new kayak.  He’s had it out once so far.

Here’s Captain Phil walking to the creek.

In the woods, lowering the kayak down the hill before getting in.

 There was a lot of wildlife spotted on his maiden voyage. He said he saw a big fish on his right, and a fisherman on his left at one point.  He didn’t help out the fisherman with any advice.  There were deer drinking along the bank, and his craziest sighting…a racoon swimming towards him.  Once the racoon saw him, he beat a hasty trail in the other direction.

Hope you are all well, please keep in touch!