Remember George Costanza’s famous line?

Me too.  I love velvet furniture, clothes, and even Velvet Cloaks

Oh, wait….not that Velvet Cloak.  Benjamin Moore’s Velvet Cloak.

I tackled the dining room.  I wanted to create a mysterious, elegant room.  Well, maybe not that mysterious, but certainly interesting.  I’m using a color from Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories line.  These are full spectrum paints. There is no black that goes into making the color, but rather up to seven different colors are added to the base to create the color.

Here is a picture of the paint before it was shaken. The man in the photo thought I was a little nuts when I told him I wanted a picture of it before it was shaken up.  Obviously, I haven’t broken in this Benjamin Moore dealer yet.

After it was mixed it was the color of Welch’s Grape Juice.  Very scary applying that to the wall.  But with Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint, it dries so quickly, the color changes right before your eyes.  Thank goodness.  The dried color is very similar to an eggplant. Almost black, but you can see the purple in it.  Unfortunately, due to the speed at which this paint dries it is nearly impossible to keep a wet edge, and you cannot go back to fix something that needs correcting while you are painting.  I just had to keep moving.

I’m using the matte finish.  It looks like velvet!  Yep.  Velvet. A giant velvet eggplant.  I used this finish in the last house and loved it.  And in this dark rich color it is perfect.

I had toyed with the idea of lacquering the walls when done, but after some research I won’t be doing that. The lacquer needs to be sprayed on and it really seems to be much more work than I hoped.  But it would have really been interesting, look at these walls, they look wet.

Here is the final product. The room isn’t done yet.  But you can hopefully see the color.  It is very difficult to photograph this color.  Whenever I could see the purple undertones, I would grab the camera and snap away.  Hopefully you can see it.

We are ensconced in velvet.