Happy Friday! I hope you are going to have a fun weekend.  We are planning on it.  Company tomorrow morning, neighborhood picnic in the afternoon, and Phil is trying to squeeze the Corvette show in there somewhere.

I just wanted to post quickly about the transformation of the dining room’s mirror.  That is the mirror that was in our last dining room.  It was perfect in there, it had gold and cream paint on it. When we moved into this house, it did not go with the chandelier, at all.  I’m all for mixing metals.  I think gold and silver can work fabulously together, but not in this case.  I think the chandelier was too sparkly for the subdued gold on the mirror.  The mirror, with its cream paint just looked dirty.

I stopped in at AC Moore, went to the paint department and found some paint pens.

It was like working on a puzzle.  A little every day.  Between the smell and the up-close work, I couldn’t do much at a time.  Here is the 1/2 way progress to show you the change.

I didn’t feel too bad about my paint job.  I don’t think there was much quality control in the first place when the gold and cream was painted on it.

When I was at the Benjamin Moore store (breaking them in) I did see another silver pen.  It was actually a silver leaf pen.  They had them available in gold, copper and silver.  So, if you need to change any of your metal finishes, it really is easy to do.

As you have already seen here is the final product, which I’m very happy with.

Have a great weekend, and please leave a comment.  We love hearing from you!