I never say a room is done.  There is always room for improvement.  But, for now, the dining room is {whispering} d-o-n-e.

The shape of the room is really calling for a rectangular table, if and when the right one comes along, we will pull the trigger. There are a few I’ve had my eye on.

This one is silver leafed, but it isn’t really big enough. Although it look like it is large, it might only seat 4 comfortably!

And I think a shag rug in the right shade of silver would be fab.

But, we will cross both of those bridges someday.

Here is how the room turned out.  We have had one dinner party in there so far.  We cannot wait to have many more.

It dawned on me while having dinner in there, that this chandeleir is going to be a little difficult to clean.  Each of those “squares” on the bottom is made up of 3 rectangular crystals. That’s a lot of crystals.

I found curtains that are an exact match to the Velvet Cloak wall color.  I love the way they just blend in.

And yes, that’s our silver antelope between the windows.  He has never looked better.

When will we see you in this dining room?