There are always one or two little details that keep a space from being completed. In our kitchen we needed the back splash tile and the light over the sink.  It still needs a little something for a window treatment, but I’m not worried about that for now.  Have you looked at a shelter magazine lately?  Bare windows are “in”.  So, the lack of window treatments is now working in our favor.

First, the new light for over the sink.  It took a little longer than expected to find this piece.  I knew with the variety of lights in the general vicinity of the kitchen, I had to be careful, or it would look like a lighting store.  As I was walking through Lowe’s (of all places) this one grabbed my eye.

Simple, but sparkly. It plays nicely with the chandelier over the island.  Doesn’t grab attention, but it is a background singer for the big chandy.  You know, it’s one of the Pips and the chandy is Gladys Knight.

here it is

And here is another angle

And yes, what is that you see between the counter and the upper cabinets?  No, not the cake, but TILE!!!

I wanted to try something different in this house for the back splash.  I really did. I brought home so many samples but nothing at all looked right to me.  I think that since this kitchen was designed with the beveled arabesques still on my mind I just couldn’t resist.  I called my friend at the tile store where they were from, and she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  So, I went with them.  I think they are the perfect tile for my space (again).

This time the tiles were a little crisper and we were able to set them closer together.  This allowed us to use a very thin grout line and you can see the shadows much better this time.

More exciting news to share with you next time.

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