Looking forward to our first Halloween here.  There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, so we are expecting  hoping for a large crowd.

I hope this finds you safe after the storm.  We were very lucky and did not suffer any damage.  The creek is flooded behind our house.  The trees you see in the water are usually on land.

Adrienne rode the storm out down the shore.  She sends us text messages that indicate she is doing ok.  She was able to stay at a friend’s house during the storm.  The photos she has been sharing are very sad, especially if you are familiar with the Jersey Shore.  New Jersey Governor Christie said, “We’ll rebuild it. No question in my mind, we’ll rebuild it. But for those of us who are my age, it won’t be the same. It’ll be different, because many of the iconic things that made it what it was are now gone and washed into the ocean.”

I haven’t heard from my sister yet, the phone lines must be down at her house because when I call, I get the “All Circuits are Busy” message, she also might not have power.

Red Cross Hurricane Relief

~Be Safe