Well hello everybody!  I hope you are all getting ready for the holidays as they are quickly approaching!

This post is a shameless attempt to drum up some votes.  For what are you voting and how do you vote?  To send me to Designer Boot Camp, and it’s easy to vote!

 There is a contest and a couple of winners will be chosen to receive free admission to a class that is being conducted by Tobi Fairley, a well known designer.  It is cost prohibitive to “just sign up”, so I have entered a contest to possibly win a ticket to attend.  Quite frankly, I’m way behind in votes as I just entered the contest.  But perhaps I might be able to get all of you to vote, daily, and you never know, maybe you can get your family & friends to vote, daily, too.

It works like this:  I created a mood board on Olioboard. People vote for their favorite board (once a day).  The top 25 are then judged by a panel and the winners will be chosen.

I hit “submit” before the board was really ready, so it’s not perfect, but it will do.

Vote Here

Here is my mood board, it looks very familiar, don’t you think?


Our Real Living Room


Thanks again for your votes.  Don’t forget, any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

Vote Feet Sand