Who has been to an Ugly Sweater Party this Holiday season?

If you are planning on attending one and need some ideas, here are some options.  Thrift stores seem to be the number one supplier of these babies.

Sweater, Holiday Sweater, Holiday.1 Sweater, Holiday.3 Sweater, Holiday.4 Sweater, Holiday.5 Sweater, Holiday.6 Sweater, Holiday.7 Sweater, Holiday.8 Sweater, Holiday.9 Sweater, Holiday.10 Sweater, Holiday.11 Sweater, Holiday.12 Sweater, Holiday.13 Sweaters, Holiday.13 Sweaters, Holiday.14

If you need a hostess gift for the party-giver, may I suggest this?  Ugly Sweater ornament set from Target.

Sweater, Holiday Ornament Target

Buy Them Here

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