Happy New Year to All of You!

The first project of 2013 in the house was the sitting room upstairs.  As you may recall this room was added to the house plan before construction began.  We really wanted to maximize the view of the creek, and from 3 stories up we have quite a view.  During the planning process we thought about having a deck off the master bedroom.  But soon realized the best views would be in the winter, so why not just make it a room that could be enjoyed in the cold?

Here’s a flashback to the room during construction

DSC_0099That’s it up there, the triple window on the bump out.  The breakfast room is below it.

DSC_0121And after adding some curtains and borrowing some chairs from the living room, we now have a sitting room!

DSC_0200People ask how will we use this room.  I see it as a great place to go at night.   When Phil is traveling, Millie and I like to head up to bed early, but now we have a little place to hang out instead of just climbing in bed.

Did you get a chance to look at the article in the magazine? Here’s the link in case you want to look now:

Susquehanna Style

And if you haven’t stopped by my new Facebook page, please do so!  So far so good, still haven’t deleted it yet.  I can’t figure out why my Profile picture doesn’t show up when I want to comment on another Facebook Page.  Something to do with it being a “Page” vs a personal Facebook account, I guess.  Check it out, I’ve been trying to post photos on it as well.


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