I’m not quite sure how, but the little varmint did NOT see his shadow this morning!  We  think he must have come out before dawn, because it was sunny here this am and Punxsutawney is not that far away!

groundhog dayDreaming of Spring!


We should do this along the edge of the woods:
spring flowers

The babies will be out


Baby Squirrels

Something new for the front doorturquoise wreathAnd something new for the tootsies


If you haven’t voted for me in Harrisburg Magazine’s Best Of contest, I would love it if you could.

Just copy and paste this: Karen Viscito Interiors, Mechanicsburg, PA

into the fields for Interior Design and the category below it, Kitchen & Bath Expert

You have to scroll pretty far down to find those categories

Here’s the Link:

Harrisburg Magazine Best Of poll

You can only vote once, but I’m sure you could vote more than once if you have more than one email…

wink wink

Thank You!

If you haven’t visited the Facebook Page, please do so!

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Hope you all have a Great Weekend!