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Thank you to all who were so kind to vote for my business in the Harrisburg Magazine poll.  Bad news….none of those votes counted because, in the fine print, any ballot that had less than 30 (yes thirty, three zero) categories with votes, was not counted.  I guess this was to prevent people from voting for only 29 of their favorite things in the area….

Anyway, the magazine that published the kitchen, Susquehanna Style, is having their own contest.  There are no silly minimum vote requirements.  If you would like to try to vote (again) in this magazine’s poll, I would greatly appreciate it!

Here is the link to the magazine’s home page.  Susquehanna Style

Look on the left side of their home page for the below image, click it and it will take you to the survey.  I would appreciate it if you would copy  Karen Viscito Interiors  and paste into the Interior Design category and the Kitchen & Bath category.

(I couldn’t post a direct link because once you vote, you can’t get back in)

Voting ends soon!!

best of Harrisburg

Thanks again!