Remember the Living Room?

Very Bright & Sunny.  Turquoise, Orange, White, Gray.  We love that room.


As I told you earlier, I had my eye on the sky and wanted to paint a ceiling or two pale blue.

Well, I did.  The coffered ceiling in the living room is now Benjamin Moore Constellation! I used less than a quart of paint to do this.  It is beautiful.  You have to trust me on this one.  It is very difficult to get a photo of it looking fabulous.


Then my attention went to the fireplace in that room.  I first tried Benjamin Moore’s Adagio.  I love that color. It is gorgeous.  However, it clashed with the ceiling.  So, I had to choose which to keep.  The ceiling won.

Here is the Adagio


I really do love that color, and probably will try to use it somewhere else in the house.

Then I thought about a dark color, like the slate.  I went into my vast collection of paint samples, found a sample of the paint we used on the foyer ceiling in the last house, BM’s Wrought Iron.  I rolled that on to get an idea if I’d like it.  It was a winner.  I ran to the paint store picked up a small can of it in flat.  And without further adieu, here is the final product!


One more view


Don’t you love the orange tulips?  Spring must be coming!

Enjoy the Day