As you may recall, we had the deck built at the end of Summer last year and didn’t get a chance to use it very much.  It seemed like the cool weather came early and as you know is still hanging around.  (Although I hear whispers of 70s next week!)

We are now looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time out on the deck!  So without further adieu….

The (almost) finished product.


I say “almost” because we are waiting for the arrival of the cushions for the chaise lounge chairs.  They are being held hostage by the supplier.  Hopefully, they will be here soon.

We purchased the couch and chairs at a local garden center.



And then the next day on Craigslist, I found someone who was selling the table, chairs and chaise lounges.  They matched what we just bought.

DSC_0183 DSC_0178We replaced the lava rock with fire glass in the fire table.

(still waiting for one last color to arrive, the blue glass)


The person, from whom we bought the pieces on Craigslist, threw in the umbrella too because she didn’t need it.  (Not the big cantilever one, the other one).  I found the best deal for an umbrella base, if you are interested and need one.  Home Depot has one that is 110lbs for only $69.  It has wheels too, so we can move where we need it.  Click here if you are in need of a new umbrella base!  No flying umbrellas anymore!  Some other people mention that they think it is priced wrong, and if you have priced umbrella bases lately….you might just agree!

Have a great weekend and hope you are able to enjoy some warm weather.

Today marks 27 years for Phil & I.  How time flies.