Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  Did you do anything special?

We hung around the house and got some things done around here.

Saturday we made our first attempt at a flea market that gets rave reviews from locals. We left quickly. Sadly, we do not have any rave reviews to share.

sad-faceBut, all was not lost.  We stopped at a consignment store on the way back.  It’s a place that we have been several times, never found anything.  Until Saturday, that is.

I have wanted a vintage chrome and glass bar cart for quite some time. I’ve been pinning pictures on my Pinterest board, perusing eBay (where they are priced too high), and expressing my desire for such an item on my Facebook page hoping someone would call and say “Take mine”.  I figured that only with a stroke of luck and by watching Craigslist like a hawk might I find “The One”.

Bar Cart 1 Bar Cart 2 Bar Cart 3 bar cart 4

I blame the success of the show Madmen and Don Draper for putting these carts into the highly-desirable-high-priced category.

don draper bar cart

Until now.

We walked into that consignment shop.  There it was.  It called my name.  First a whisper, and I looked.  I went over, and it begged me to take it home.  I checked the price tag.  What?  $65? Surely a mistake.  These are always always always well over $600 on eBay.  I’ve even seen them listed for over $1000!  Instantly I told the cashier, “I’ll be taking that”.

Brought it home, got out the Bar Keepers Friend again.


Have great week!