I’ve seen a lot of deer in my time.

So have you, I’m sure. (well, maybe not our Aussie friends)

We have deer in our yard because of the woods and creek.  Always a treat to watch them.

But tonight, I saw something I have only seen one time before.  A newborn.  It was probably 12″ high.  Maybe 15″.  It was hanging around with the adults when they were feeding on a fallen tree.  When it came out into the open, its mother (or father) jumped up in the air and swatted it and made it head back to the brush.  I wanted to snap the picture when they were together, but alas, the camera was in the other room.  I got this shot as he was hurrying back into the woods.

IMG_0612and another….sorry they are blurry

IMG_0614Ok I’ll admit it, the photos are blurry and remind even me of those Bigfoot sighting photos!  And to give you an idea, since I know it’s hard to get a feel for how little it is, these pictures were taken of the adults, same distance, same zoom.


See that stick in the first picture running diagonally near the baby’s head?  That same stick is in the 3rd photo.

Jumping for dinner:


Have a great evening!