….Seein’ things that I may never see again

And I can’t wait to get on the road again”

-Willy Nelson

Greetin’s Y’all

Phil & I are on the road in the South right now.

Things are very hot here.

Everything moves slowly.

We stopped in Asheville Saturday and Sunday.  Went to dinner with old friends on Saturday night.  On Sunday we went to Biltmore.  What a fascinating place.  I think the thing that really struck us was that George Vanderbilt was not building a huge home to show off to his friends, like we see in so many other mansions (not thinking of any one particular enormously wealthy family in the Wilmington area), but rather, he was making a place for his friends to come to and stay and vacation. He was all about hospitality.  He opted not to build his family home in New York and participate in the NY social scene, but rather in the gorgeous mountains in Asheville, NC, where the air was clean.

We took two additional “special” tours.  The Architect’s tour, which allowed us to get up on the roof of the mansion, out on balconies, go into rooms otherwise closed to the public, as well as the Butler’s tour, which was very Downton Abbey-esque. He treated his servants very well, sounds like everybody wanted to work at this place.  He had servants from Europe, New York, and of course local residents.  He paid them what the higher New York workers were receiving.

After our long day of touring the house and the grounds, we hit the road again and were off to Greenville SC.  More on that adventure later.

Enjoy the pictures

Karen & Phil




Only Gargoyle missing a tail. They think of the stone masons slipped with a chisel.


Bear with Honeypot sitting outside the window where all the babies were born.


You know this caught my eye right away…Chevrons in the Copper surrounding the windows!  Who thought they were trendy?ImageImage