Next Stop: Greenville, SC.  Or “Greenvulle” as the locals say.

We left Asheville after our day at the Biltmore and headed south.  Only an hour later we were in Greenville, SC.  What a wonderful little town.

We stayed downtown in a hotel with a balcony facing the river.


Don’t you love the way the pink sky is reflecting in the river?


Across the river from the hotel there was an outdoor stage.  We were treated to a concert on Wednesday and another on Thursday.

IMG_0982 IMG_0973

These pictures were taken early in the evening before the band even started.  By the time they took the stage, the place was packed.

On Friday night we went onto Main St. (which is just up those stairs you can see in the above picture between the buildings) for Jazz on the Square.  They close the road for a few blocks and have more live music.

On Monday, our first day in town, we went to a bunch of consignment stores.  We found quite a treasure and brought it home.  I’ll share that later after I make its new cover for the cushion.  But it is really fabulous!

Of course every town has something that makes you scratch your head and say, “huh?”

It was well over 92 degrees (F) with high humidity, but you know, it didn’t stop the unicorns from coming out for a stroll…