Good Morning! I realized I had not finished posting about our trip to Greenville.

As you are aware, I have become slightly obsessed with Craigslist, thrift stores, consignment shops, etc.  I think I must be living in some sort of fantasy world that I’m buying furniture for my vintage furniture shop, or something.   I don’t have a store.  I do look at storefronts and dream though…

Phil and I visited a few consignment stores in Greenville.  We found a settee that caught our eye.  It had the most hideous cushion on it.  But we could see something special in it.  It has silver swans on the arms, and silver feet.  There is no marking on it that indicates who made it.

settee w cushion

Here it is without the cushion

settee no cushionWe left the shop, and wanted to think about it.  I called the shop back the next morning and bought it.  We hoped it would fit in the car.

Then, I found a headboard on Craigslist while down there that matched the faux bamboo bedroom furniture I had just bought before we left.  Bingo!  It was $25.  This same headboard was selling for ten times that on eBay and on One Kings Lane. My fantasy furniture shop is just going to be fantastic!  Here it is in our garage, and yes, those hideous throw pillows came with the sofa too.  They went out in the trash last week!


Yes, I was finding all sorts of fantastic things down there!  I decided if the settee didn’t fit and we had to rent a trailer, I was going to go back and buy a bunch more things that I had found that week but resisted due to lack of space.

Phil’s logical solution to the lack of room in the car and the increased amount of cargo was simple.

“We can always buy more bungees.”

Yep, that would have been us driving 9 hours with furniture bungeed to the roof!



It fit.

Who says my BS in Business Logistics isn’t paying off?

Here is the settee in its new resting space, I made the cushion cover, not the best job, but it is done and the sewing machine has been put away, so I’m happy.