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I received a compressor and paint gun for my birthday this year.  I took it out for its maiden voyage about 2 weeks ago.

I had purchased some Henry Link Bali Hai furniture off of Craigslist, a whole bedroom set for $100.  I plan on doing the pieces in a navy blue to use in one of the bedrooms.  But, I had no use for the desk.  I decided to make that piece my guinea pig, and if it turned out ok, I would donate it to the Harrisburg Magazine’s “Best Of” Gala’s Silent Auction.  I wasn’t going to the Gala, but I thought this would be a nice way to be represented. If the piece looked good, that is.

The desk turned out great, but I was wishing for a chair to go with it.  It just felt wrong to donate a desk, without a chair.  But my set didn’t come with a chair.  And then it happened…(cue the Angel sounds)….a matching chair appeared on Craigslist!  What are the chances?  I sent the seller an email explaining my situation, and she sold me the chair for $10.  I picked up fabric on my way home to recover the seat.

The color is Sherwin Williams Begonia.  Not quite as pink as it appears here, a bit more coral in color. The hardware is painted with spray gold leafing.


Phil will help me deliver it on Thursday to the location.  I’m just hoping that someone bids on it!

On a side note, a BIG Thank You to all of you who did vote for me for Harrisburg Magazine’s Best Of poll.  I did receive the Reader’s Choice award for Interior Design. Thanks for the help!