…..”Congratulations Karen, You are the Lucky Winner”

I love to enter contests on various blogs.   I only enter ones that I really would want to win.  So many times there are giveaways for things that I really can’t use or simply are not my taste.  I would never want to take the opportunity from someone else to win it who really wants it or could use it.


When there is something I really want, but cannot justify the expense if I went out an purchased it myself, then I enter.

A couple of weeks ago there was a Pinterest contest run by a design company in Greenville SC, Linda McDougald/Postcards From Paris.  The design firm does incredible work, has been published many many times and in fact, I would not be surprised if you have seen their work featured in your favorite shelter magazine.  The contest involved  starting a Pinterest board and pinning your favorite this or your favorite that to it, and then sending them your link.  I think I was the only one who entered!  And this is not a small design firm, lots and lots of fans.  So this came to me as a big surprise that no one else entered. But I won a $100 gift certificate to their online shop, which I used for two great design books!

Book Book2

I was so excited when the beautiful box arrived, I unpacked it and was truly riding the “Winner High” I was on.

But then a couple of days later….

(A little background info:)There are two women in California who started a program called Design Camp. They are involved heavily with HGTV shows, know everybody in the business, etc. The Camp is held in various locations throughout the country, maybe twice a year.  This Fall it was supposed to be in Philadelphia, so I thought, what an opportunity, I should go. But they changed the location to OC in California.  I think they were having trouble getting all the speakers and celebrity designers to commit to traveling to Philly.  So, once again, my dreams were dashed.  California would mean, airfare, hotel, car, AND the admission which isn’t cheap.

Of course I put on my thinking cap, and tried to figure out how I could get admission for free.

There are quite a few bloggers who offer admission to this Design Camp as part of a giveaway promotion on their website.  I entered on Traci Zeller’s blog as part of her 5 days of giveaways. I was hesitant because you entered your name and you weren’t sure if your name was drawn if you would get the back to school pencils or the admission to Design Camp. And as I said when I started this post, I don’t like to enter for things that I don’t want or need, but in this case I had to take a chance that I would be taking pencils out of the hands of a small child who was heading back to school if my name was drawn.  Well, yes, you guessed it…..I won the admission to the Design Camp!  So excited! I think this will help me  improve the way I run my business.  I am not looking to expand my business at this time, I am very very busy with clients (yay), but now I need to really hear from the experts on how to juggle the success that I have found quickly, and unexpectedly.

Phil will be coming with me so we can add on some time to the Camp and take a mini vacation.

If you have any interest in reading about the Camp, you can click here and read about all the great speakers that will be there!

When you see a contest for something you want, please take the couple of minutes to enter.  You really would be surprised by how good your chances are at winning!

Needless to say, Phil rubbed a dollar bill to my cheek and bought a lottery ticket.  It didn’t win, I’m sorry to report.