Yes, I know…..I’m sure you are thinking:  Wow, that’s Earth-shattering news.

This Christmas will be a first for us.  Adrienne won’t be here.  She is working in Florida and is just unable to get time off around the holiday to travel here and get back to start work again.  Years past, she didn’t set out for Florida until after the Holidays.  We are hoping that this is the last time that this happens.  Ever.  Phil and I need to plan to get down to visit her and our other family members that are lucky enough to have homes in the Sunshine State.  I guess we will be working on that soon!

Are you ready for Christmas?  We have our tree(s) up.  The mantels are decorated.  Candles in the windows.

I apologize to anyone who still sends us Christmas cards, we just never get around to sending ours.  I buy them and they sit in the box.  One year we skipped over Christmas and went directly to Happy New Year’s cards, that was great.  But after we did that, we just haven’t sent cards.  I do love the cards we get, so thank you so much.  I want to send cards, really.  I look at all of the beautiful cards in the store, but, that’s as far as it gets these days.  I’ve given up buying them just to have them sit there and mock me.  You know, Christmas is coming…then it’s here….then it’s over…and there are the cards.   Sitting in the box, snickering at me.  “Loser”, I hear them whisper.

Can we talk about Pinterest for a moment?  And all the pressure that comes along with it?  How many cookie recipes can there possibly be?  Or how many holiday cocktails are there?  Oh, and you can’t wrap a present with just wrapping paper anymore, oh no…you better add a pound of glitter, and a gift tag made from a special leaf found on your hike that you gild in gold leafing…..oh sorry, I got carried away.  I used to do stuff like this, but you know what?  The kids would just rip the paper off anyway.

wrapping 1 wrapping 2 wrapping 3 wrapping 4 wrapping 5

 But really, Pinterest Pressure is a real thing.  But I love it.

red white deer

Yep, I found this on Pinterest.  Thought it was cool.

I will update you on the Showhouse next time.

Until then, keep on Pinning!