Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is


I cannot believe it!  I feel like we were just having Thanksgiving dinner, and then we decorated for Christmas, shopped, and it was here.  And then gone just as quickly.  We hated hated hated not having Adrienne here this year.  We were very happy to have both Erin and Ryan here for a few days.  They are getting too old though, they won’t sit on the steps anymore in the morning for their pictures before coming down to open their stockings.

It’s a new year and I have not made any “resolutions”.  I did decide that in order to try to make the business run a little smoother I would download an app for my iPhone that tracks my time with clients.  It will then generate an invoice for me.  I downloaded it before my first client of the new year, and of course, I forgot to hit start.  Oh well.  Maybe next time!

Plans continue to go forward with the Designer Showhouse.  I created my first “mood board” that I had to submit to the Steering Committee.  They will use that board during the empty house tours.  I actually enjoyed making it. The cutting, the pasting, the 3D tape to make parts more dimensional.  I felt as if I was getting back in touch with my Martha-side.


Current discussions of home projects include finishing the basement. We have not wanted to make it too over-the-top.  We have been talking about this for years.  Plans change all the time.  But sometimes it takes just one little thing to make you see the light!  We found a table at an antique shop here.  It was just purchased at an estate sale.  It is a 19th Century French Farm Table.  The table is gorgeous.  Any of you who happen to see my Facebook posts, know that I am in love with this table.

French table 1

French Table 2

french table 3

No, we have not purchased it.  (All inquiries as to why not, can be addressed directly to Phil).  But the table has given us inspiration for the basement.  We would like to do a French Wine Bar.

vin bar

An awesome table, surrounded with comfy banquette seating, a great French chandelier, an area for pouring and serving wine.  A place for Phil to think about his day and wonder what type of wine to serve that evening.  He of course will wear his white tuxedo at all times.

casablanca rick

And of course the all important pool table roulette table

Casablanca roullette

and an oversized American TV in order to watch movies (Casablanca, of course)

casablanca fog

and sporting events. (I’ve asked if we might be able to get this done by Superbowl.  I’ve been told “no”).

I hope you are all staying warm, wherever you are.  I know those in OZ are certainly warmer than we are here.  Well, we are having a heat wave of sorts today.  I saw 19 degrees (F) on the thermometer.  Break out the shorts.  Wind chills were at -22 just a couple of days ago.

And before you stop reading, if I haven’t lost you already, it is time for Harrisburg Magazine’s annual Reader’s Choice/Simply The Best Poll.This is when I shamelessly ask you if you wouldn’t mind voting for me again (it was such a thrill to get the Reader’s Choice last year). I would love to win again.  Here is the link, the Interior Design category is almost all the way at the bottom.  Thanks so much!

Vote Here! Interior Design is near the bottom

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