Hello Everybody!

Everybody is talking about it, and we are all feeling it.  Well maybe not ALL of us. But man, it’s cold.


Needless to say that since it is so cold, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my Office, no, Studio,  no, Atelier (oh, yes, that’s the word) .   As part of the prep for the Designer Showhouse that opens in May, I have been trying to “clean things up”.  One of those “things” is my website.  I received very frank feedback from a couple of experts in the industry, that the website was “not inviting”, “spooky”, and a few other descriptions. I heard what they had to say, and I went to work.

I had no intention of hitting the “Publish” button when I did, I wanted to work on it for awhile, tweaking it to death. But, I splashed a little chicken soup on my touchpad during the last Polar Vortex and it made my cursor have a life of its own.  Yes, you can imagine what happened.  During the building of the website the cursor slid across the screen, and while I tried to click an “x” to get out of a window that opened, the cursor hopped on over to the dreaded, “Publish” button.

It went LIVE.

Sheer panic.



I feverishly worked on the website for hours to get it to a place that was at least presentable.  And then I went to bed.

I spent a lot of time on Monday and Tuesday (thanks to Super Storm Janus–what is it with naming these snowstorms?) working and reworking it.

I finally have a product that I’d like all of you to take a look at. Please report any issues you see.

Here’s the link, hope you will take a look.

Karen Viscito Interiors

Back to the dreaded named weather events….We have a local issue in regards to this weather.

River Ice.

River Ice River Ice 2

The Susquehanna River ices over.  It reminds me of the glaciers in Alaska! Of course everyone worries because of the history of River Ice around here.  When the ice smashed into a bridge and wiped it out.

river Ice 3

For those of you who are lucky enough to not be experiencing crazy-cold weather, please remember to wear your sunscreen, and have a pina colada for the rest of us.

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