Wow!!  What a Clever New Blog Name.

Ok, so it’s not clever.

I’ve been wanting to switch the title of this blog to something that is more reflective of what is going on NOW with my business.  We are done building the house, and I was able to justify the old title because technically the interior is not finished as far as decorating goes.  But really….it’s time to move on! You know I will keep you posted on house related changes and improvements as time goes by.

So, I spent a lot of time thinking of blog names. You know, the kind that make you WANT to read the posts….

Livable Luxe

Never Too Much Glitz

Designing Diva

Define “Too Glitzy”


Fahbuousss Dahling

Behind My Eye

And so on….of course none of them really were that great.  So, just like the name of my business, I went the obvious route:

Karen Viscito Interiors

In this “new” blog I want to share with you what I am seeing out in the design world.  I have been doing a lot of pinning on Pinterest, but why not put those ideas and pictures with words and share them with you?

Besides designs that catch my eye, I’d like to share any recipes with you that are just too yummy to keep to myself.

“Life-Changing” gadgets always seem to be a favorite when I share those, so that will obviously stay around.

And of course, my fabulous thrift store finds, Craigslist treasures, and furniture makeovers.

And I have some REALLY BIG NEWS that I cannot reveal yet, but I am guaranteeing it will knock your socks off!!  If you wouldn’t mind sharing this blog with your friends and family, especially those that love Interior Design I would love that.  But THEY will love you even more if you do.  They will want to be following me when this announcement is made. (I have a new easier to use “Follow Me” button, over there, to the left…do you see it?

Finally, A BIG Thank you to all of you who tested the new website, and gave me feedback. I have made few more adjustments to it, and I think it is set for now. Feel free to head over and check it out, but only after you send this blog to friends and highly suggest they start following this blog, of course!

My Website

Looking forward to bringing you some fun stuff in the near future!