Cue the Olympic Theme Music…

Have you been watching the Olympics? We’ve caught a few events here and there this weekend.  And well, it’s snowing again here today.  Maybe it’s time to put them on and just hang out with the fire roaring and watch some people skiing and shooting.  Haven’t wrapped my head around that one yet.  I think I understand the logic behind curling better than the bi-athalon.

Anyway, all this talk of medals, has had me thinking about metals, cute, huh?

Are you still stinging from the shiny yellow brass of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s? Still have those yellow doorknobs? Thinking of changing them out for satin nickel?  Well, don’t rush that decision.  Brass is back, but much warmer, more of a gold tone.  I know some of you are still smarting from the bright brass that you worked so hard to get rid of in your homes, but I’m afraid the powers that be have decided that the pendulum needs to swing back.  That’s how it always is. It’s swinging back but with a slightly different look.

Forget the oil-rubbed bronze craze that popped on the radar for a short time.  Turns out, Americans are the only ones who really went for that look.  Chances are if you were ordering a faucet that was made in Germany in oil-rubbed bronze, it probably was finished here in the USA. There was no market for that finish in Europe. Personally, that was never a favorite finish of mine. I think I was always attracted to something with sparkle, a little pizzaz. Give me chrome, nickel, satin nickel…

My favorite look you are seeing these days is the mixing of the gold tone brass with the silver tones. I will be mixing metals in the Designer Showhouse I’m working on.  I think you will start to see more and more of that look start to trickle down to the mainstream before too long.  Well, wait, I think it IS here already.

Here are some pictures I found on Pinterest that show the use of the golds and silvers and they don’t look dated!

Gold 1

Gold 2Gold 4Gold 5

Look at this chair!

Gold 7

How about these pendants in the kitchen?

Photo from Dunlin.

Gold 6

Even the cowhide rugs are getting into the act, really think I need one of these for the Showhouse.

Gold 8

Look how gorgeous the gold looks with the gray paint on these French doors

Gold 10

It’s so easy to take an inexpensive piece and give it the gold look.  Krylon makes a spray paint version of Gold Leafing.  It’s really fantastic.  But don’t be fooled…you want the 14K Gold Leafing Spray. It’s the best. Here are some $79 shelves from Ikea, easily transformed!

Gold 11

So, have you changed your mind about gold?  What about mixing gold and silver? I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment!

 Also, I hinted at hopefully having a big announcement to share with you all.  Well, it’s coming soon!  I would like to build my followers before going forward with the giveaway, but let’s just say, it has to do with Design.  And Vegas.  And, it’s FREE!!!! So get your friends to follow my blog, really they will THANK YOU!!