Need I say more?

Craigslist around here pretty much goes like this:

“Recliner, Clean, camouflage fabric “

“had sock or oatamen”

(yeah, say that out loud and maybe you will know what they were selling)

“beautiful gun cabinet”

You get the idea. Not the hub of great stuff.

And then I saw it.

I’ve had an eye on this table for a long time.  Just love them.  Super expensive.   I’ve seen them for sale without the glass for $1800 and up.  Sometimes as high as $4,000.  Way out of my price range.

Ibex table

But wait. I checked the time stamp on the listing. The table was posted 5 hours before I saw it.  Did I have a chance?  I sent an email right away. I waited, hardly could sleep.  Who lists something like this at night?  I certainly couldn’t call at that time of night. I checked my email for a response.  None. So I sent a text before I even got out of bed.

Turns out I was third in line.  (I even offered to pay over the asking price. Way over.)  Anywhere else, I’m sure I would have been 300th in line.  But I knew if someone else knew what they were looking at, it would never make to Inquirer #3.  Never.  And it didn’t.  It slipped away.

Oh, how much did he sell it for?  “$150 or best offer”.

Does anybody know if there is some sort of crawl feature on Craigslist?  You know, like on CNN when the headlines are scrolling by on the bottom of the screen.  I could use that while I’m on my computer.  Scrolling right down there, at the bottom of the computer…


…Gorgeous Gun Cabinet….Dinning Table…..ChesterDraws..Pedal Stool Table…Rod Iron…