How many of you are familiar with Houzz?

houzz logo

I’m betting that most of you use it to find inspiration for your home.

How many of you have heard of Zillow?

zillow logo only

You use it when you want to look for a new house, or even to snoop to see how much that certain neighbor has listed their home for, or to peek inside because they never invited you over the whole time they lived there…

But did you know that Zillow is taking a cue from Houzz, with their Zillow Digs feature?

zillow digs logo

Check it out if you get a chance, it’s another great resource to find home inspiration.

Here’s a link to my profile, they asked me to join last year.  I haven’t been submitting new photos lately, so I guess I better get back to it!

My Zillow Profile

Have a Great Day, and have fun checking out how much your neighbor is asking for his house…


Just a friendly request, if you forgot to vote in Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply The Best poll, there is still time!  I’m hoping to receive recognition again this year.  Rules say you need to vote for 30 categories, I’m not sure how you can vote for that many, so if you want to just vote for Karen Viscito Interiors, Mechanicsburg, PA in the Interior Design category, that would be fabulous!!

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