Are you still stinging from removing wallpaper in your house?

I’ve heard it all.  In fact I have spent weeks using a credit card to remove paper from a dining room, that wasn’t prepped right.  And no, I don’t mean I paid with my credit card to have it removed, I mean I used that little tiny dull plastic “tool” to scrape away the paper.

I swore, “No more wallpaper.  Ever”

Well, that’s all changed!

I am happy to announce, I am a Preferred Designer with York Wallcoverings!  The wallpaper that we are seeing now is so much better than it was years ago.  York actually carries a line that they guarantee will strip off in one sheet! It is their Sure Strip line of papers.

I’m using wallpaper in the Showhouse and it is going to be gorgeous.

This one for the bedroom, it’s called Toss the Bouquet.  It is available in a lot of different colorways.  One being more gorgeous than the last. The one I’ll be using is a gray, lavender, and purple.  With glitter on the purple flower.

Toss The Bouquet

Here’s a version of it in gold

Toss The Bouquet Gold

This one for the bathroom, it is a silver leaf background with an oversized damask pattern.


And this one will be made into panels to be hung in the dressing room.  The white pattern is actually three dimensional.  Very yummy in person.

york wallcovering tea house toile panel

Here are some wallpapers that I really like. These are all from their Sure Strip line. Enjoy!

York Sure Strip Silver


York Sure STrip zebra YWD968DivinGray IBC988DelicateDamask IBC989Playsley

Are you ready to wallpaper something now?  I think just wallpapering even a small wall in your entryway will make a big statement and it will be the jumping off point for the rest of your design decisions.

Take a look at this foyer from Tobi Fairley. This was in her previous home, the impact that it makes is just incredible.  I’ve seen this foyer styled many different ways, it has been published several times.

tobi fairley bw foyer

Have a great weekend!