Things are so busy at the mansion these days!  Every time I go, something else has happened.

The trim is painted and it looks outstanding.  I spec’d Benjamin Moore Advance in high gloss.  The color is Distant Gray.  It is the whitest of the whites, despite its name.  It is so shiny that you can see the reflection of the window on the opposite wall in the trim. This original trim looks fantastic painted like this.

Ware Woodwork

It’s simply…..delicious, dahling.

(Ok, sidebar …if you get that “delicious” reference above, then you will want to take a minute and watch this video of Martyn Lawrence Bullard answering the “Delicious or Not Delicious Quiz”.  Click here to watch.  And if you are not familiar with Martyn, now is the time to do so!  Enjoy!)

Diplomat Closet from West Chester donated the closet organizer system for my space.  They did a fantastic job.  If you are in the area, I highly suggest you give them a call. They can turn your non-functional closet space into something that will WOW you!  I cannot wait to load this baby up with all those glitzy sparkly shoes!!

Ware Closet Installation

Earlier this week I had to drop off the chandeliers for the electricians to install.  While I was at the mansion, I took a few minutes to paint the inside of the fireplace.  Remember the ugly inside?  The peach “brick”?


Well take a look at it now!  I used Ben Moore’s Wrought Iron.  I had this leftover from my own fireplace mantel project last year.  The black area to the right is the cavity with the safe.  I painted it too, I want to leave the secret panel (that has been temporarily removed) ajar for the show….have some “pearls” hanging out of the safe.


The bathroom has been tiled, it is looking good so far.  Can’t wait to see the progress in the next week. The floor looks a little peach in the photos, but it is a silver color.  Once the wallpaper is up, it will all tie together nicely.  Always remember the keyword–Trust.




Yesterday carpet was installed.  I’m a little nervous because the wallpaper hanger hasn’t been on-site yet.  So, now they will have to hang the wallpaper after the carpet is in place.  We can only hope that this will not be a big deal…. crossing my fingers.

I have some exciting news, this is NOT the REALLY BIG giveaway I’ve been hinting about, but I do believe I will have two tickets to give away to the Ware Mansion Designer Showhouse!  I’m hoping to get that all wrapped up in the next week or so, and then we’ll get to the business of my very first giveaway.  Which will be excellent practice for the next one.  Do you want a hint?


Vegas baby….

that’s all I can say!


PS–this marks my 100th Post!!!