I have been waiting for warm and dry weather to get some projects painted for the Show House.

Finally this week I was able to slip outside and use my favorite little can of spray paint.  I’ve become a little obsessed with Krylon’s Short Cuts, Gold Leaf Spray.  The key word is “Leaf”.   It’s the real deal.  When I use it I can see little flakes of gold in the air.   It’s a tiny little can.

Krylon Gold Leaf

I needed to paint the hardware for the dresser I’ll be using.


And I also wanted to make something to hang outside my space at the Mansion. In the hall, next to my door, is an old call box.  Not so old that it’s cool (you know–the kind that you’d see on Dowtown Abbey) ,

DA Call Button

but rather it just looks like an old intercom, probably to call for help at night.  It has to go.  See it on the right side of the door?  (Oh my.  I have to digress here–you can’t even imagine how beautiful this little hall area is right now after some paint!)


I found an ugly framed print at a consignment store that had the right dimensions.  I feel I overpaid for it.  It was $4, and really I think I should not have paid anything over a dollar.

I removed the glass, and painted the frame with my little can of Gold Leaf Spray.  I got rid of the glass, and inserted a piece of paper, which I printed on my computer, in lieu of the “beautiful artwork” that was in there.  I found the doorbell at Lowe’s.  (also painted it so it was gold, gotta keep the gold theme going here).  Used the doorbell’s screws to attach it to the paper (there is a piece of thick cardboard behind the paper).


Press for Champagne!


Next victim of the gold leaf spray is a vintage triple oval mirror.  It needs to stop raining to get that project started!

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PS–This is my 101st blog post!